Rodan + Fields was developed in 2002 by the Stanford trained dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, Rodan + Fields follows the success of their first product line, Proactiv, which the Doctors have sold so that they can focus solely on Rodan + Fields.

Unlike Proactiv, which was sold primarily via infomercials, Rodan + Fields was first introduced to customers similar to how most skincare lines are, via traditional brick and mortar retailers. Specifically, Rodan + Fields was sold in department stores – but the Doctors quickly realized this was not the best avenue for their brand to capture more customer attention and ultimately, gain stronger success. So they decided to move out from under the glass counter, into direct sales – they were building their brand through word of mouth referral as it was, and they knew direct sales would be a powerful channel for them, and it is. Today we do multiple times more monthly sales volume through the direct marketing channel, then we did being #1 in Nordstrom.

Rodan + Fields Are The Number One Premium Ant-Aging Brand In The U.S.

This is what Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, who Forbes recognized in 2015 as two of the most successful, self-made women in the United States had to say about the move.

“While our brand was successful in the department store channel, our vision for Rodan + Fields was much bigger. Recognizing that word of mouth – not the advertising or marketing programs of the stores – accounted for our growing customer base, we decided to create an alternative method of distribution. This method, we know, had to be one that gave the sales commission to the people who loved and recommended our products while preserving the consultative one-on-one experience found in department stores,” shares Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields.”

The Products:

Our company could not have made the top spot in stores if our products did not perform. Let’s talk about our clinically proven, transformative products. Part of the reason why Rodan + Fields has experiences such incredible momentum is because of our award-winning products that provide transformative results. The doctors know that one step and one ingredient does not do the trick – that is why they have created a multi-step, multi-med therapy to give you the best results, without having to see a dermatologist!

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My Story:

I’ve always wanted to own a business! Seriously looked into opening a store but decided against a traditional store front because I wanted to be free to relocate.

Then I was introduced to Rodan+ Fields my own business without the expense of a store front! 
  • I don’t stock inventory
  • No money tied up in product other than what I personally use
  • No parties are needed
  • I don’t collect money
  • People order from my website (storefront) and the company handles the rest
  • I set my own schedule
  • Can work from any where all that is required is Wi-Fi
  • They pay me (quite well) to represent their products plus bonus, car and trips

Chat With Bianca About Joining Team Lady Wiser!

I give the facts about the products and the business. If people want to order products or earn a residual from orders, that’s up to them. We are growing in triple digits every month, so the model is working extremely well! We are the fastest growing skin care brand in the US.

I choose the hours, and call the shots. How much I work and earn is up to me.

Bottom line, it’s a fabulous way to get great looking skin and earn extra money for a car payment or even to build a fantastic dream life, it’s your choice.

Come Join:

Rodan + Fields is redefining anti-aging skincare and is committed to own a good portion of the soon-to-be $5 billion anti-aging skincare market, and to create their next billion dollar global brand.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and experience healthier, younger-looking skin, connections with great people, opportunities for personal growth and your own piece of the anti-aging skincare market.

Work From Home With Rodan And Fields

Rodan + Fields® is ranked No. 2 in premium skincare companies in the U.S. and was the fastest growing premium skincare company for the sixth year in a row. Rodan + Fields is also the #1 premium anti-aging brand & #1 premium acne brand to date.

Looking forward, our future is shining bright. From our continuing expansion of Rodan + Fields® Canada, our impending Rodan + Fields® Australia launch and exploration of other global markets, including Rodan + Fields® Asia, to the unveiling of new and enhanced e-commerce websites and new products and programs to be launched.

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Many of our consultants choose Rodan + Fields because the opportunity provides:

  • Flexibility
  • New Friends
  • The opportunity for generous residual income
  • The ability to earn bonuses, car and trips
  • Being in business for themselves, but not by themselves

Join The #1 Premium Anti-Aging Brand!

You will be personally mentored by me and given every tool needed for complete success. If you have a few hours a week to dedicate to building an extraordinary future, have a determined attitude and are hungry for change then you may be the person I am looking for.

This is a turnkey business—no parties, no stocking of inventory, you set your own hours and pace. You simply leverage the doctor’s legacy brand, and the resources of our multi‐million dollar corporation and you get to profit. Email me  to explore the opportunity and see if it is a fit for you.

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Build your dream life with a home-based business selling a product that changes lives.

In the Media:

Rodan + Fields is ranked No. 2 in premium skincare companies in the U.S. and was the fastest growing premium skincare company for the sixth year in a row. Rodan + Fields is also the #1 premium anti-aging brand & #1 premium acne brand to date.

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