A New Year

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A new year is the start of a new chapter of our lives. It’s a fresh page to write anything we like. It makes us remember that we are the ones in charge of the book. We have the power … Read More

Happy 15th Birthday

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Today my son turns 15 and just like that (snap fingers here), I’m left only with lovely memories of the years that have so swiftly flown by. We have a family tradition every birthday my sons want to hear the … Read More

The Milestone Year

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I knew this day would eventually come, but I didn’t know how quickly it would sneak up. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it or, how I’m going to handle this next year. The entire summer, I have been … Read More

Two Friends & Eagle

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Every parent wants their child to make friends and enjoy close lasting relationships but its an added bonus when the whole family becomes friends, as is the case with the Riveras & Jensons. My son Austin recently became an Eagle … Read More

18th Birthday Letter

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It’s so hard to believe that today is my first born sons 18th birthday. I closed my eyes for a moment and suddenly a young man stood where a boy used to be. The thing that astounds me most is how … Read More

A Panther Football Mom

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I have been a Victory Lakes Panther supporter for the past five years, both of my sons attended/ attend this great middle school. Today I packed away my Panther bling football shirt and crown, a sad reminder that yet another milestone … Read More